1. Loonguelam
New album soruuna
Welcome to Soruuna. My people, known as Fulani, live as nomads in West Africa. There they enjoy the wisdom of a life lived in balance with nature. With each change of season, they guide their flocks to new pastures, seeing new things and meeting new people along the way, trading exciting stories. At the end of a long day they gather around a fragrant fire to share music and conversation. This is a precious time, as they love to discuss the experiences of their lives just as any traveler does. Just as I do. This is the Soruuna. It is a grounding point in everyone’s life journey a it’s the part we learn from and the part we feel compelled to share. The Soruuna gives each of us understanding, strength and inspiration in life. I hope this album will be a Soruuna for music lovers. Omar Ka
Lyrics Soruuna
The songs on this CD were written and performed by Omar Ka in the Fula language.
These rough English versions are not literal translations, but only explanations of the message of the songs.
1. Loonguelam
Longuel is an earthen vessel where we keep our stores of water
Loonguelam means my loonguel
The bottom of my loonguel is dry
Children don’t play with water anymore,
It’s been a long time since anyone’s seen any rain
We miss it
Life is like water
We all have a loonguel in our mind,
There are times when we feel dry like an empty loonguel
And then we pray for better times
Some of us travel to far countries to find a good luck, to fill their loonguel again
… but it is not there.
I remember the little loonguelam at our home
We pray for the rain like we pray for love
The rain falls into our hearts
Love unites us
Familiarity with this word soruuna dates to my childhood
My people use it to express their sense of what makes a good time
I remember some of my soruuna’s of days gone by
Those beautiful days in the village Khourouff
The days I spent with my friends in Kololi…
Life is blue today and it turns green tomorrow
Life is an experience, life is research.
The only real university is the University of Life
That is what the soruuna is about
Mbandu Pulam is a hospitable person
One who knows how to welcome visitors
A guest says: Good evening!
Mbandu Pulam answers: Welcome, good evening!
The guest: What a beautiful night it is tonight…
Mbandu Pulam: It is always like that when the sun accepts the sunset,
the beautiful sunset
The night is coming,
The cows are bellowing,
Pass the calabas and let me fetch some milk
The guest is the one who can do good
As guests, we can do good…
Immigrants can bring good things because they plant their own culture
within another culture
Immigration can mean the education of the whole world
Europe went to Africa, Africa to Europe and America
So the world educates itself
Say welcome to each other!
Immigration may be the wealth of our planet
Our mission to understand each other
4.Yero Maama

This is a traditional song
about the African dynasty of the Fulani’s
Yero Maama was a Fulani warrior and the protector of my people

5.Penda Madam

Penda Madam was a woman singer
She was proud, clever and strong
In her time, it was difficult for a woman to be a singer
She is an example for the next generation of African women
Many of them have a difficult life, even today
I know it is not easy for them
But I ask them to be even more courageous
To fight for their independence, to rule their own lives
In the words of Penda Madam, “Learn, and you will know. If you don’t learn, you will never know.”


Seiilaabe means friends in the Fula language
I sing about the necessity of friendship among the people
I introduce some friends in this song
and they will recognize themselves
My roots are in the soil of Northern Senegal
in the villages Khourouff, Raasin, Mbandeng and Mbout
When I am there I feel the unity of love
There is safety in this circle of love

7.Sukaabe Africa

Children of Africa
To seek unity is better for us
than to be separated like we are now
To be united gives us more power
than to be split into artificial states like we are now
Africa! We have to work hard to unite Africa!
Children of Africa, stand up, be courageous and work
Because only that will make us feel good in our home
In Africa - our sweet home
Don’t abandon it anymore!
I saw places in Africa that saddened me
Why are we not together yet?
Stand up and get ready!


Mbosuusa means the one who lives in fear
Somebody who is scared
can never be a leader
If you live in fear, you will not stay with us for long
The king is coming
He cannot rule because he is fearful
If you are fearful and rule a dynasty,
it will not last for long
My grandma used to tell me:
The king with less fear will be around longer
Gaynaako is a stick we control our cattle with
Gaynaako at home is a person with the responsibility for children
The leaders of the world are gaynaako
They inherit the dynasty of power
I believe in one king – the creator God
Anything he wishes will happen
What he doesn’t wish, will never happen

9.Lammbayel Ngori

This song is dedicated to farmers and merchants
Once a week they gather at the marketplace
They buy, sell and exchange their goods and animals there
The atmosphere is vivid and full of life -
a bustling, colorful, loud smiling event
Women come to the market, too
They carry their babies on their backs while selling milk


Baalal is a person who helps
This song is an homage to all the aid organizations
When they come, they help
Many children find their way to a better life thanks to them
Baalals are in every corner of our planet
The one who likes to help will always find his opportunity
Baalals know their neighborhoods and families
Baalals discover ways to communicate better
and bring us closer to each other
Baalals fight for our environment
So our children will breathe good, clean air


Goole is a hard worker
We get what we want if we work hard
Fishermen are working
Farmers are working…
In this song I remember some people who I respect
for their hard work
I met them everywhere
I meet them in Rotterdam
I know DJ Caliente
The sweat tastes sweet at the end!


Laare means to see
Come and watch!
Life is about seeing and also
How it is that you see things
In Fula, we say laarelaare – see this and see that
Sometimes we look at things but we see them wrong
It depends how we look
We climb up the mountains
Open our eyes
And see far off…
…see the little Fula boy
who is fighting for his life
Look at him!
Open your eyes!
See the boy trying to get back home before it gets dark
It is better to see than only to listen
Sometimes you hear many things,
but wait until you get to see them
for yourself!

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